Blue, Brown and White…

When the summer of 2011 had finally come to a long-delayed end, and the dreary residue of blurry waking daydreams enveloped me in a thirsting quest for something, maybe ‘normal’, my desire for the party-fueling electronic beat-driven soundtrack of my recent past was on a major downswing, to say the least.

I actually found myself listening to Van Morrison more than anything with any kind of bloops, blips and beeps, and Mirror Traffic ascended to its perch on top of my year-end albums list. I just wasn’t feeling the beats. So, I kind of missed a beautiful, mesmerizing gem of an album called Sepalcure by Sepalcure. I’ve been making up for it this week.

Scorsese’s Hugo is on in the other room and I can’t be bothered to watch it. Every time I stop watch, it looks beautiful, but there’s just something I can’t get past. Something about movies that are specifically made for children is wholly unappealing to me. It’s not easy to pin down, but something about the innocent sense of ‘wonder’ for the sake of being wonderful repels me deeply. Some cynicism, please.


I thought of this the other night while hanging out with my friend, Rich.I have one of those wooden banana holders that the bananas hang from, and I mentioned kind of self-mockingly that I’m more inclined to eat bananas if they’re hanging than if they’re just lying on the counter. I quarter-jokingly said that it’s because we’re descended from apes and we have a natural inclination toward hanging bananas because of that fact. It seems to make some sense. It’s at least kind of a tidy little comforting idea.

Blue, brown and white, but kind of an off-white. Great color combo. Pretty nice.


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