Question of the Day for Bible Nutcases….

In the book of fantasy known as the bible, god supposedly told some guy named Noah that he was going to flood the world due to immorality and that Noah should build a huge boat and save a male and a female of all animal species from dying in the flood, so that the earth could be repopulated. So, why did Noah let the dinosaurs die? Did god consider dinosaurs immoral? Was there rampant prostitution and idolatry among the Brontosaurus community? Please enlighten me, theists… I’m not very well-learned when it comes to deep theological matters like this.


4 Responses to “Question of the Day for Bible Nutcases….”

  1. hiya Rabid,
    Miss you on the BOX. Are you traveling?

    • Hello! I am not traveling any longer. I got a full time job and I’ve been busy with various music projects. I don’t even go to the soapbox anymore – not even to lurk. It’s degenerated to the point where I’ve lose interest completely in that board.

      Who are you from the soapbox?

  2. annie oakley Says:

    umm, they did survive the flood (some on, some off the ark). they are mentioned after Genesis in the Old Testament.

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