Some Thoughts on Why Religion Must Be Destroyed…

If a philosophy is having more of a negative than a positive impact on society, that philosophy is a problem and must be dealt with accordingly. This is the position I take against religion. While some may argue that religion can be a positive personal experience for many who believe, the tendency for those beliefs to negatively impact society as a whole outweigh the alleged benefits of the religious experience.

From extreme examples such as Muslim terrorists who wage Jihad on those who don’t believe in their bullshit, to Christian terrorists who threaten and murder abortion providers, the tendency for irrational belief structures to cause major problems for those who choose to follow different moral, spiritual or intellectual paths is too much of a problem for us to allow them to persist, no matter how ‘good’ it makes someone ‘feel’ to believe these fantasies.

The fact is, that we are quickly evolving beyond the need for imaginary deities to serve as the backbones for our existence. In that light, it’s no surprise that the religious are often opposed to rational, scientific, evidence-based explanations for phenomena. Such critical modes of thought are anathema to religious bull shit.

It is imperative that we continue to attack religion, as it is an enemy of progress in terms of both our human evolutionary consciousness and the betterment of our society on a day-to-day basis.


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