It’s Time To End The Failed ‘War On Drugs’

Consider, for a moment, in the abstract, the absurdity of a governmental ‘war on drugs.’ Basically, the ruling class has decided that an arbitrary selection of substances are prohibited because, in some circumstances, they can harm the person using them. Of course, it’s not merely that they harm people that causes the prohibition. If that were the case, then bleach should be prohibited as well, since swallowing bleach is harmful. But, it’s not the harm caused to the individual or society that places these substances on the prohibited list. No, it is the pleasure involved that is the crux of why these substances are prohibited, and that leads to the obvious question: why?

The reason is not that the government has legitimately deemed these substances as a threat, but because the deeming of them as a threat serves a greater purpose for the ruling class. By prohibiting substances which provide varying degrees of pleasure, the government ensures that a convenient criminal class will always exist, around which a complicated power structure can be erected and maintained. Thus, the goal of the drug war is solely one of exercising and building upon power – the power of the ruling class, which in a capitalist society happens to be the rich.

The war on drugs is, first and foremost, a class war. Sure, there are wealthy drug lords who, in extremely rare cases, are arrested and prosecuted, but, by and large, the people who are targeted by the government’s drug war are the underclasses.

The drug war should be a primary target of attack for those who wish to defeat the current societal power structure and topple the illegitimate regimes of control at the top of our societal hierarchy. Contained in the war on drugs is a veritable backbone of this power structure, and if it can be compromised, a significant battle has been won against the privileged elite whose goal is to perpetuate the enslavement of the masses in varying degrees (basically, whatever’s possible at any given time or place).


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