Dear Idiots: Keep Your Religious Bullshit Out of Science Classrooms…

Evolution is a scientific fact. Yes, there are individual theories as to how it has taken place, but the basic premise is a truth about life here on Earth. It can not be denied. Sure, you are free to choose not to ‘believe’ in this fact, but then you will be what is commonly called ‘wrong’. Likewise, you can choose to believe 2 + 2 = 500,000, but, once again, you would be wrong. It’s really that simple. It’s not a matter of whether others are being ‘intolerant of your religious beliefs’. It’s a matter of you choosing to be wrong. So, please stop pretending that your ‘theory’ that you absurdly call ‘intelligent design’ is equally or even more valid than an irrefutable scientific fact. It’s not. And, I’m not being ‘intolerant’ when I say this, because you’re free to believe what you like, but you shouldn’t be free to preach your baseless, fantastic bullshit to a classroom of impressionable schoolchildren who should be able to trust their scholastic institution to provide them with a valid scientific curriculum, untainted by the whims of a handful of people who think that the garbage inscribed in a book of fairy tales is more believable than mountains upon mountains of documented scientific research.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this matter.


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