How Can Anyone Be Excited About Romney?

Mitt Romney, a man with the charisma of a failed game show host, appears to be the inevitable nominee for president for the Republican party. It is not exactly a surprise. We’ve expected for about a year that he’d be the nominee. However, it does seem a bit strange. There is really nothing about Romney that I can really imagine anyone getting excited about. He’s a terrible public speaker, offers really no new ideas, has a history of flipping on a whole host of issues, is ultra-wealthy, and doesn’t really have an impressive record as an elected leader. He’s a nonentity. Pretty much the only thing I can see about him that could excite the average republican voter is that his skin is white and his name is not Barack Obama. That’s really it.

Essentially, it doesn’t matter at all if the president is Obama or Romney. They are both wealthy oligarchs whose decisions will be geared toward making the elite rich even more wealthy, sometimes to the benefit of, but often at the expense of, everyone else. They are both pieces of shit. Only clueless idiots really believe voting for either of them will matter. As Emma Goldman so succinctly stated, if voting really changed anything, it would be illegal.


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