My favorite film of 2011

My favorite film of 2011 was Lars Von Trier’s dark, haunting, cataclysmic parable, Melancholia. Von Trier has stated that the film is his first with a happy ending, and I think I understand what he means. The crux of the film revolves around the disparity in attitude and outlook between Kirsten Dunst’s character, a moody, independent, but highly intelligent woman, and her sister, played masterfully by Charlotte Gainsbourg, who is, at the very least, good at putting on a facade of contentment to the world. The opposing attitudes of the two sisters when faced with the impending annihilation of existence as they know it, is a philosophically resonating conflict that kept me thinking for weeks after leaving the theater.


One Response to “My favorite film of 2011”

  1. Polly Andy Says:

    You know that you enjoyed the Twilight movies more. It’s a dark secret you’re too afraid to admit to.

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