People Who Wave at the Camera During Street News Reports

There are few things that are more gratingly irritating as a general function of their banality than the spectacle of an idiot or, even worse, an entire group of idiots standing behind a news reporter in some sidewalk or street and waving enthusiastically at the camera, replete with empty headed smiles on their buffoonish faces, suggesting their unmitigated glee at the prospect of being seen by someone, anyone, on television.

“Gee whiz honey, even though we’re on vacation from Indiana, maybe someone we know will be watching this 30 second reporting segment on a local New York network’s news broadcast. We should flail our arms like morons and wave to them to get ther attention.”

Of course, I suspect not even that base level of forethought occurs in the minds of those who do these things. Rather, they are compelled by a pre-intellectual urge to respond to the presence of tv cameras by trying to become a part of whatever is being captured by those cameras and broadcast to the world at large. It’s not a matter of getting attention for the purpose of communicating anything, except the very fact that one is, in fact, managing to get attention. There is no teleology to this action, it is an end in itself: an end that serves no real purpose or function, except, perhaps, to make the person involved look like an idiot.


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